Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey, casting people at Warner Brothers

He's Just Not That Into You. that's a whole lot of white people. i mean seriously, they couldn't find one token minority to spice up the mix?

sorry barack, we've failed you already.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey Lil Wayne and T Pain

You know, with the economy exploding and all, there are probably better things to do with your money than taking it out of your pocket and showing it and then throwing it (this way or that way).

Some suggestions:

Don't throw it

Put it in a savings account

Pay off your credit card debt

Call Suze Orman and ask if you can afford a jet ski

Lil Wayne - Got Money

Got money (yeah)
And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it (then)
Throw it (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way (fly)
This a way (fly)
Thata way

Hey T Pain

"Mansion" doesn't rhyme with "Wisconsin".
Not even close.
T Pain - Can't Believe It
I can put you in the log cabin, somewhere in aspen
Girl ain't nothing to the pain aint trickin if you got it what you askin....for
Put you in the mansion, somewhere in wiscansin (wisconsin)
Like i said ain't nothin to the pain we can change that last name whats happnin?